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LED Headlights

The headlights that come pre-fixed with your car are built for better performance and conform to the aerodynamics. Moreover, as they are pre-made, the manufacturers can also fit in the signal or parking indicators along with the inclusion of running lights. This leads to the optimal usage of the limited space provided in the car body. They can also use different forms of lights variants, including LEDs, Projector beams, and halos.
Although they are a perfect fit for your car, the plastic lenses used in these headlights are prone to deterioration with time. With continuous exposure to road debris, they undergo gradual abrasion only to become discolored, blurry, and ultimately, and opaque. Nobody would like that. Would you? And not to mention the danger that you may land into while driving with headlights of lower quality.
You can surely get them repaired or tweaked to provide better performance and stability. Despite all the adverts and experts claiming to reset your yellow car lights to its earlier illuminating properties, they can’t be fixed.
Now that you know the problem and what may happen with your yellow lights in the future, we have the solution. Angel Eye Headlights are ideal for a modern-day car enthusiast.
Along with this, you can also go for the custom headlights, which will provide better quality, precision working and will fit in like a glove within your car body. We have multicolored Spectrum Angel Eyes, and these will take the car aesthetics to a whole new level.
Other than this, we have projector headlights, Led lights, and halo headlights. Installing them is straightforward and convenient. Although some headlight installation may require a few tweaks with the wiring. Rest assured that these custom headlights have full legal compatibility and take care of the safety norms.
The difference between the traditional bulbs and projector headlights lies in the light reflection pattern. Traditional lights parabolic reflector will shoot out light rays in a dispersed pattern. Whereas a projector light beam is modified with an elliptical reflector which shoots lights rays on a single focal point in front of the bulb.
One of the best attractions of our store is the Angel Eyes halo lights. The halo rings or led halo lights are the ones that you may have seen in the shape of a ring around the main headlight. The best part is that you can have a custom colored halo ring light, the likes of which you will get with our Angel Eye headlights. These types of headlights can also be controlled with a mobile application giving you the freedom to choose any color you want as per your mood.
Spectrum has a diverse range of led headlights that are built for a long life and provide excellent illumination during night time. The average lifespan of the led lights is 50,000 hours, and not only this, they give a brighter and cleaner light than any other incandescent light.
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